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It should be remembered that generally we are a fansite and as such, anything that is written on these pages should never be taken too seriously.

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The following categories of online conduct are unacceptable at and constitute a violation of our Community Standards that may result in warning or in very extreme cases a member being banned from this message board.


Harassment occurs when a member repetitively insults, attacks, and denigrates or threatens another member. Even though we realize that sports discussions can get intense, we have zero tolerance for taking an argument about a sports topic to a personal level. For instance, name calling and other derogatory terms constitutes harassment. There is a line between banter / humour and personally attacking someone. Repeated critical and sharply negative posts toward a forum members can also constitute harassment.


Posts that intend to disrupt the topic of conversation or steer the topic away from the focus of the forum and related news. Disruption can include harassment, multiple posting of the same or similar posts, posting completely off topic messages making multiple posts without response and self quoting.

Abuse of the PM system

Abuse of the PM system constitutes sending messages containing harassment and or vulgarity or sexual explicitness. Harassment via PM can also consist of sending multiple unreplied messages.

Abuse of the reporting system

Reporting posts that aren't covered in the harassment or disruption section will be deemed abuse of the reporting system and a method to to harass moderators.

Vulgarity & Sexual Explicitness

As a community with a diverse variety of members and readers, we ask that our members to post without using vulgarity. Vulgarity not only includes vulgar language and pictures but also sexist, racist, anti-religious and homophobic language, which may offend other members. In addition, the "masking" of vulgarity by inserting * or another keystroke in place of one or more letters in a vulgar term is unacceptable in most cases. We realize that there's a "grey area" of judgment with vulgarity but we ask that you'll respect others by avoiding vulgarity.

Please keep in mind that these are only guidelines, there is always a "grey area" and we understand that. Use your best judgment. If you have any questions about our Community Standards as they apply to specific cases, you can always contact a Moderator.